Lecture 15
Phase Diagrams of Pure Substances

Lecture 16
Thermodynamic Aspects of Phase Transitions

Lecture 17
Thermodynamic Aspects of Phase Transitions continued

Lecture 18
Thermodynamic Description of Binary Mixtures

Lecture 19
Thermodynamics of Mixing

Lecture 20
Raoult's Law and Henry's Law

Lecture 21
Colligative Properties

Lecture 22
Binary Phase Diagrams of Liquids

Lecture 23
Binary Phase Diagrams of Liquids continued

Lecture 24
Partially Miscible Liquids

Lecture 25

Lecture 26
The Equilibrium Constant

Lecture 27
Response of Equilibria to the Conditions

Lecture 28
Rates of Chemical Reactions

Lecture 29
Integrated Rate Laws

Lecture 30
Reactions Approaching Equilibrium

Lecture 31
The Arrhenius Equation

Lecture 32
Reaction Mechanisms

Lecture 33
Transition-state Theory

Lecture 1
Classical Mechanics

Lecture 2
Statistical Thermodynamics

Lecture 3
Monte Carlo and Python

Lecture 4
What Is Computational Research?

Lecture 5
Molecular Dynamics

Lecture 10
Bravais Lattices

Lecture 11
The Reciprocal Lattice